IUD Awareness is run by women who want to make sure that all women are empowered to make the personal and medical choices that are right for their bodies. We believe sharing our stories are an important part of that, and we are dedicated to getting those stories to as many women as possible. 

Photo Credit: Peter Hellberg

Tamara Wilder, Founder

In 2014, Tamara contacted her naturopath with questions about birth control options.  This doctor had high recommendations for the IUD; so against her own intuition, she decided to give it a try and got the Paragard IUD inserted in late November, 2014.

Negative side effects began right away and steadily worsened and then, after 5 months, she found herself suddenly consumed by anxiety & fear and unable to cope with daily life.  Her eyesight was deteriorating and her fair was falling out..... among a host of other symptoms. 

Her doctor and then 2 subsequent psychologists were focusing solely on the psychological element and seemed ignorant of any possible physical causes, even though she regularly mentioned that she had recently been having excessive & prolonged bleeding due to the IUD.  They all told her that her mental & emotional issues "could not" be related and to "not worry about it".

Finally, 10 months after insertion & 5 months after getting hit with the anxiety symptoms,  Tamara was fortunate enough to discover countless other women's stories identical to hers.  She had the IUD removed the next day and immediately started feeling better.  Her anxiety was mostly gone by the time she left the clinic and within 2 days, her hair stopped falling out, her vision started improving, she was able to sleep again and the anxiety completely disappeared.  By two months after removal, her health returned to almost normal - thanks to a vigorous detox & balancing regimen that became a full time job!

Within a week of figuring out what had been causing her illness, she was in contact with over 10,000 women on internet support groups and was appalled to discover the endless stories of horrible and life shattering side effects that countless numbers of women over the past 35+ years have suffered due to these IUD devices - starting with the infamous Dalkon Shield and Copper 7 in the 1970's. 

These discoveries fostered a realization of the importance of starting honest conversations on this topic so that the truth can be known and women can be properly informed about the real risks involved in IUD use and how to identify when it is not working for them.  It has now become her mission to foster awareness among both women & health practitioners about the history of the IUD, risk negative side effects & prevalence of their use.